All of our own dogs are fit for function, thanks to our ‘Fit Fur Life’ treadmill. We are now taking bookings for supervised sessions for all canine fitness problems including referrals from vets. 

-General Surgery
-Weight management
-Propreoceptive and balance training
-Pre and post whelping
-Mental health and wellbeing

Any dog can use this treadmill and show improvement in wellbeing, whether they are overweight, recovering from surgery, suffering from conditions relating to old age, such as arthritis or purely for exercise and fitness. Other benefits may include:

-Improved range of movement and mobility in a controlled environment
-Enhanced muscle tone
-Perioperative care
-Improved cardiovascular performance
-Pain management
-Passive workout with great cardiovascular results
-Weight management

Our Prices

Our prices start at £25 for the initial assessment, to plan out what action is best for each individual.
 The next ten sessions are £20 each.
Any following sessions are then reduced to only £15 each.