Are you struggling with your dog barking, lunging, pulling and jumping up at visitors, well this isn’t just Border Collie or Husky type of thing it’s just dog behavior. 

Many dogs are being labelled as having behavior problems but it’s the fact these dogs haven’t been correctly trained. 
If you’re experiencing these problems, here at Grangemead Training we have put together a training regime to help and transform your relationship with your dog! 
Any problems or anything you wish to discuss just put through a submission and I’ll get back to it!

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Here at Grangemead, we offer dog training for all breeds and circumstances. So whether you have a new puppy and are
wanting to teach the basics, looking for help with 
a unruly dog, or are preparing your dog for advanced Gundog
work, with our expert knowledge, we will be able to assist.

All our training is adapted and tailored around your dog's individual needs. Classes are available by appointment and are
flexible to fit around your schedule, seven days a week.

   Sessions are held at our secure training field which can also be rented out. 

For more information and to see the facilities available, please click HERE,

   We like to give an initial assessment lesson so we can offer the appropriate classes / advice best suited for your dog and to 
give you an introduction to the basics of training.

   Dietary advice will be included as this is an important factor that can affect your dog’s behavior and fitness.

  We will also advise you on what equipment is best to use with your dog. For example, what type of lead and/or collar, clicker
 for clicker training, what type of treats to use and other specialized equipment.