May 2012 - The new edition of pets at home is now published ready to view .

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WA May Article.pdf WA May Article.pdf
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March 2012 - New Art design for the Warwickshire Advertiser along with our pets corner article.

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March 2012 Advertisment.pdf March 2012 Advertisment.pdf
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Pets at home - Pet corner.pdf Pets at home - Pet corner.pdf
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March 2012 - Shooting Gazette - Fund raising event for Cancer Research

March 2012 - Grangemead advert in Warwickshire Advertiser

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Grangemead_Feb 2012_Qtr_P.pdf Grangemead_Feb 2012_Qtr_P.pdf
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August 2010 - Grangemead Gundogs featured front page on the Warwickshire Advertiser 

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0693-WAD-E01-S2-001-0329-CS.pdf 0693-WAD-E01-S2-001-0329-CS.pdf
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February 2010 - Our Dog Training advert recently appeared in the Warwickshire Press.

 2008 - Grangemead Dogs beautifully photographed in Nick Ridley's latest book

2007, Grangemead was featured in the April edition of Sporting Shooter Magazine.

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